Special report on HJ Axle Peru market

March 13, 2021
Latest company news about Special report on HJ Axle Peru market

Huajing Axle has always been committed to providing quality services and products to the global logistics industry. In Peru, Huajing axles have been favored and trusted by many users due to their excellent quality. In Peru's trailer chassis parts market, the Huajing brand has become synonymous with quality. In the new year, Huajing has cooperated with AUTOMUNDO, one of the largest auto industry media in Peru, and released the latest promotion and customer interview videos of Huajing Axle on local TV stations, Facebook and YouTube, so that more Peruvian logistics industry professionals will know about the Huajing brand.


The video introduced Huajing’s integrated seamless (one-piece) axle technology, fully automated production process, and strict quality inspection process. At the same time, it interviewed Mr. Padilla, the business manager of INMERO. Mr.Padilla spoke highly of Huajing axles, saying that Huajing axles have long service life, light weight, low maintenance, and good service, which makes people feel at ease and rest assured.


The high praise of customers is an incentive for all HJ members. In the New Year, we will continue to keep in mind that quality is the life of HJ company, and continue to create a five-star quality, five-star service axle brand.