Technology Innovation Award in safety equipment

March 13, 2021
Latest company news about Technology Innovation Award in safety equipment

The "2020 National Chemical Industry Annual Conference" hosted by China Federation of Logistics Purchasing, co-organized by Sinopec Chemical Sales Co., Ltd was held from November 12 to 13, 2020. A grand ceremony in was organized at Zhejiang Tongxiang City by the Hazardous Chemicals Logistics branch under China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing.



At the "Golden Tank" award ceremony, Huajing was highly recognized by industry peers for its safe and wear-resistant products, continuous innovation technology and perfect service. The "Golden tank Award" expert judgment panel has high standards and strict review procedure for all the competitors. Huajing company stood out among many enterprises and was awarded the 2020 China Chemical Logistics Industry "Golden Tank Award"- a award for recognition of Technology Innovation in Safety Equipment.


The "Golden tank Award" of China's chemical logistics industry has been organized for the fifth edition. It is the highest award in logistic Industry. It aims to recognize and honor outstanding enterprises and leading person of the industry who make significant contributions to innovative development and systematic upgrade for the whole industry. It advocates for the industry progress by setting up role models.


As the highest award in the domestic chemical logistics industry, the "Golden tank Award" is a symbol of great honor for chemical logistics personnel and industry enterprises. It has a high standard for winner selection.Only a company to keep up with the requirements of the safety development trend of the chemical logistics industry, adhere to "innovation-oriented", "service with heart and soul",continue to pursue technological innovation,enforce strict control of product quality to ensure the safety of chemical logistics,are qualify to meet the selection criteria for the "Golden tank Award".