Huajing Company was established in 2002 and is an Asian supplier of specialized trailer components. Its main focus is on the research and development, production, and sales of standard German and American axle assemblies, various types of optical axles, brake shoe assemblies, mechanical suspension, air suspension, single point suspension, wheel hub, brake drum assemblies, and their supporting components. Evaluated from multiple dimensions such as growth rate, industry share, brand value, and management level, Huajing Company's comprehensive strength has now ranked among the forefront of the axle industry.


The "Huajing" company has two production plants in Zengcheng, Guangzhou and Fogang, Qingyuan, covering a total area of 170000 square meters. It independently creates the "Huajing Industrial Park" and creates a garden like working environment. "Huajing" company has modern and intelligent production equipment and production lines, including CNC machining center, CNC grinder, high-precision welding robot, four gun automatic welding machine production line, full-automatic extrusion production line, 40 ton to 800 ton oil press, full-automatic roll forging production line, 125KJ electro-hydraulic hammer, 1600 ton electric screw press and other heat treatment equipment, totaling more than 300 sets. Huajing Company actively responds to the development concept of intelligent manufacturing advocated by the country and increases investment in intelligent manufacturing. It cooperates with world-renowned robotics companies such as Yaskawa and Kuka, keeps up with the pace of reform, continuously optimizes and upgrades production processes, process routes, facilities and equipment, and strives to become a model and benchmark for digital chemical plants in the industry.

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Modern and intelligent production equipment

Guangzhou Huajing Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Huajing Company has always firmly believed that "quality is an important source of enterprise core competitiveness" and firmly implemented the comprehensive quality management policy. From raw material procurement to finished product delivery, every process undergoes strict inspection and control, truly achieving the goal of "no defective materials entering the warehouse, no unqualified products leaving the factory", and striving to achieve a 100% factory pass rate for Huajing products. Huajing has a highly educated and high-quality quality management team, established a specialized quality inspection center, and has a complete set of quality inspection equipment and standards such as fatigue testing, salt spray testing, metallographic analysis, and three coordinate testing. The quality management level is strictly guaranteed, and the products have also been highly recognized by customers.


Huajing has established a comprehensive marketing network at home and abroad, and its quality has been highly recognized by customers around the world. In the domestic market, "Huajing" has a dealer coverage rate of 90% in first and second tier cities, and has formed strategic cooperative relationships with domestic trailer leading enterprises such as CIMC Vehicles; In overseas markets, Huajing products are exported to countries such as the United States, Mexico, and India, with international sales networks covering seven continents.

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Huajing has always attached great importance to talent cultivation and construction, and has established a comprehensive human resource management system. Build a big platform for career retention, opening up three major promotion sequences of "management", "technology", and "operation", so that every employee has the opportunity to excel and the motivation to move forward. We have created a mechanism and atmosphere for lifelong learning and continuous progress, and systematically established three major training systems: submarine (grassroots), long-distance (middle level), and pilot (high-level). We have conducted long-term training cooperation with well-known universities, consulting companies, and research institutions. In order to ensure that Huajing's career is passed down and there are successors, the company recruits outstanding graduates from well-known universities and technical schools in China every year, implements a systematic training model, and builds the future backbone and backbone of the company. Huajing actively gives play to the soft power of corporate culture, improves the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, and regularly holds various activities such as employee tourism, New Year party, employee symposium, holiday welfare, etc.

Over the past twenty years, we have overcome obstacles and made great progress, earning our company a considerable reputation. Obtained the titles of "Guangzhou Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise A-Class", "Model Employee Home", "Honest Enterprise" by the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, "CIMC Ruijiang A-Class High Quality Supplier," Safety Equipment Technology Innovation Award at the 2020 National Chemical Industry Annual Conference, "Yongning Street Total Industrial Output Quality Enterprise in 2020," Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Organization Certificate, "Guangdong Province High tech Enterprise Honors such as charity and philanthropy, donations to aid students, etc.

Looking ahead to the 14th Five Year Plan, against the backdrop of the continuous improvement of national development trends, Huajing will implement the development concept of strategic leadership, seize the development opportunities of the axle industry, and gradually achieve the grand goal of becoming a leader in the domestic axle industry with the help of intelligent manufacturing concepts and methods. A great era nurtures a great cause, and Huajing Company, with a sincere, open, and cooperative attitude, invites talents from all over the world to create brilliance and achieve better results together.


Looking back, Huajin's achievements yesterday were brilliant; Looking ahead, Huajin's tomorrow is exciting. Huajin people will make greater efforts to create higher quality axle products, and look forward to shining brightly on the world stage in the next decade.


A new development strategy has been established - adhering to high-quality development and building an international and modern Huajing Company.


Localized operation in overseas markets, completed investment and initial operation of branches in Russia and India.


The enterprise management expert group was stationed in Huajing, the integrated EHR and talent management platform was launched, and the axle welding robot workstation was put into operation.


The second air suspension assembly line is put into production - the automated and modern air suspension assembly line is put into mass production in the Huajing factory area of Guangdong.


The SRM supplier management system and MES intelligent logistics management system have been launched one after another, introducing automated production lines for shoe drop panels.


German and American air suspensions have been produced and launched into the market.


The new products of German and American air suspension have been successfully developed, and the new products of thin oil shaft and disc brake have entered the market.


Long life, wheel end maintenance free axles and disc brake axles have been successfully developed.


A breakthrough in quantity and a leap in quality have resulted in domestic sales exceeding the 300 million yuan mark.


The Qingyuan factory area is officially in use, mainly producing axles and forged products.


Establish Guangdong Huajin Automotive Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


The Huajing Phase II expansion project has been completed, and the American style bridge production workshop, stamping and cutting workshop, and testing building have been completed. Single point suspension has achieved mass production.


Establish the most advanced integrated axis in the industry Squeeze the line and successfully compete with The cooperation between York Company in Singapore has strengthened the technical strength of the products and improved their quality. In May, they passed the TS16949 system certification.


Relocate to Xintang New Factory, complete the fourth industrial improvement and introduce automatic production lines, welding robots, and advanced assembly production lines.


Establish Guangzhou Huajing Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd.


The development of single point suspension has been successful.


Collaborated with China Southern Technology Corporation to achieve an export value of 110000 US dollars that year.


Passed ISO9001 system certification.


Guangzhou Huajing Machinery Co., Ltd. was established on Zhuji Road in Tianhe District, marking the first step in the company's journey.